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About Us

At Precision Accounting and Business Consultancy Services (Jamaica), our flexible operating model approach will yield the best mix of costs and benefits in satisfying your accounting and audit needs. This approach will provide you with optimum levels of flexibility to quickly realize the benefits of our competent professional support.


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Why Precision?

  • We will provide you right fit, highly skilled and right attitude personnel to work on your engagement. You will benefit from the depth of our combined knowledge based on the team’s in-depth experience and positive work ethic.
  • We are ready to work with you to deliver credible and timely results.
  • We make it our business to be available at the shortest possible time to assist you in achieving your audit objectives.
  • We will quickly make informed assessments and decisions to ensure that practical solutions are in place to meet the audit objectives.
  • We are committed to giving you top value for every dollar you spend and we only bill you for the actual hours spent on your job.
  • Our risk-based methodology and experience will ensure that the ADHS  obtains optimal value out of the audit process resulting in more efficient audit coverage.
  • We focus on areas of vulnerability and perform work to  give assurance that  reliance can credibly be placed on the audit results.
  • Proven use of data analytics in audit execution to drive up efficiency and drive down costs.
  • Our dedication is evidenced through: attainment of the highest levels of global  certification in the  accountancy and audit professions, our support and involvement in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica and other local professional bodies as well as our training programme which is designed to build capacity in our  auditors.

Satisfied Customers

It is with great confidence that I give this testimonial on behalf of my company for Precision Accounting & Business Consultancy Services. Carlene and her team were referred to me by an employee who thought they could provide us with professional, first-class accounting services and since the beginning of our contract they have done that and so much more. They have not only produced the required financial statements and results but have gone the extra mile by working with us to put in place a capable accounting team, as well as updating the processes and procedures which can be utilized going forward by the business, in compliance with our new ERP system.

Precision, whilst on contract does not take a hand off approach, instead they are 100% invested in working to make us the best version of ourselves, so that when and if their contract ends, we are that much stronger as a company.

Thank you, Precision, for your commitment and dedication to the art of accounting.
Gia Abraham, BSc., C.Dir, M.CI.D
CEO, CAC 2000 Limited
Precision Accounting & Business Consultancy Services is a client-focused team of competent professionals and we consider them a quality outsourcing partner for our accounting needs.
Donald McDonald
CEO, Nations Choice Limited
We have found the team at Precision Accounting & Business Consultancy Services to be very professional, competent and helpful. They are great and knowledgeable business advisors who consistently go the extra mile in assisting us to make the right decisions for our businesses. Their very dedicated accounting staff have taken the time to learn about our specific businesses and has given us the necessary guidance to improve our internal controls and to keep on top of our businesses requirements. We highly recommended them!
Candice Banjoko
Director, Banjoko Medical Complex